All you care is the fame you'll get. The money that you will indulge in. Isn't it fascinating how money can make people do things, they'd never thought they do. If you haven't noticed yet, people who come here don't go out. and it stays that way.
— -Antonette, Night 3 of Jolly 3: Chapter 1.

Antonette, previously known as Metalionette, is a major character in the Jolly series. She first appears as one of the five antagonists in Jolly, and is a decommissioned animatronic mascot that was found by the owners of Jolly's Fantasy World and brought back to said location. She also tries to attack the night guard, Mikhail Schmidt, during his week.

She returns in Jolly 3: Chapter 1, and instead plays a major role in the post-night minigames, where she communicates to the Protagonist about fixing the past. Although she doesn't return in the second chapter, she makes a cameo in the minigames.

She was planned to make a return in Jollibee: As Above, So Below, before it was cancelled.



Metalionette appears to have a striking resemblance to a marionette, with the lanky segmented body, 3 thin, long fingers, and sphere joints to support it. Her entire body is colored white and has a marble-like texture, except for the head, which surprisingly is clean. However, it is missing the back of the head, leaving only the face to be intact. The face also has rips and tears on them, and could open and split up, revealing the endoskeleton, similar to the Fantasy animatronics. Unlike the said animatronics, she has black eyes and white pin-pricked pupils.

Jolly 3: Chapter 1

Metalionette's model was reused for Jolly 3: Chapter 1, and is now known as Antonette. The only difference in her model are the grime-like textures in her entire body, similarly to the Metal animatronics.


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The Antonette was a puppet-like animatronic being experimented on and created at the Jolly Factory. It was being built by Liam Smith, but malfunctioned when his divorced wife Tony Audrey arrived. The Antonette activated, but caused a giant explosion that killed many people. After that, the facility was shut down.

Some time after that, it was found by the Protagonist and told her that he needed to ‘fix the past’ so something like what had happened would never happen again. However, he found the animatronic Springtrap, but as he was about to Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility collapsed.

The Antonette, somehow, survived the whole building getting destroyed, and was found and brought to Jolly’s Fantasy World, and kept in the PartsNServices room. It was later destroyed by Mikhail Schmidt after his seventh night shift, which causes Jolly's Fantasy World to close.



Some of the following audio in the table may be unsettling or loud!
Description Audio
Metalionette's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the animatronics in Jolly 1.
Description Audio
Antonette's jumpscare sound, This is shared with the rest of the Withered animatronics in Jolly 3.

In-Game Voice Lines

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Why does everything have to end? Like trust, attention... love. Why isn't forever existing? Why doesn't it exist in where we need it the most? ...Something bad happened. Something bad always happens... You don't know what happened.
The screen slowly starts to fade in, revealing the Metal animatronics' heads on the floor, and Withered Jolly and Withered George missing
You will never know what happened. You won't understand. Nobody understands the pain of the past. Unless... you fix it. You can fix the past. Can you do that for me? The codes are hidden. Fix the past. Make history not repeat itself. And you will change what happened... Forever.

— Antonette speaking to the Protagonist during Post-Night 2/4.

What brings you here, in this harmonious place of ours? It's an unusual time to receive visitors. I didn't even get to clean this place up. Did you come to see someone? or did you come here for something else. You came here for evidence. You came to relive the past. Well that past doesn't want to be revisited. Specifically that particular past had some bad events attached to it. You don't care what other think. You don't care about what they feel. All you care is the fame you'll get. The money that you will indulge in. Isn't it fascinating how money can make people do things, they'd never thought they do. If you haven't noticed yet, people who come here don't go out. and it stays that way.
Compressor starts moving
Although I have to give you credit. It's fascinating how you managed through three nights here. This will be your last.

— Antonette speaking to the Protagonist during Post-Night 3.



  • It is unknown how she is able to walk without feet.
    • Also, it's also unknown how she's able to go through walls, windows and floors.
  • The fact she resembles the Marionette could be a reference to how the wires mechanic is very similar to the Music Box in FNaF 2.
  • She, like the other animatronics from the game is currently destroyed, as revealed at the end of the game, which explains why she, alongside the other animatronics, don't appear in LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse in Jollibee's Phase 2.


  • She is the only animatronic in the game from/ that has her model reused from the first Jolly game.


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